Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Day on the Ship

We had breakfast with a few of the Disney Characters this morning.  The boys really liked seeing Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates and of course Mickey Mouse.  We did a few other activities like making a race car out of a potato and carrot, and playing another game.  Their favorite activity today was playing detective and solving a mystery with their magic badge and many of the interactive paintings on the ship. (This was really cool!)  The boys also went to a training with Magic Dave to be an apprentice magician.  He was such a great magician and comedian.  He taught the boys some tricks to do with their families and the boys repeated some of the tricks everyday at the dinner table since they felt like they had an audience.  Their audience was the family that was seated with us each night for dinner.  It was the perfect audience, they couldn't leave and they hadn't been to the training so they didn't know the tricks. :)  They boys used all their material and any old material they could remember.  I felt bad for our dinner partners but they were great sports and encouraged the boys.  The dinning room we ate in tonight was the Enchanted Garden.  It was neat because the ceiling would change color like an evening sky.  The light fixtures are flower buds that open up and the sun sets.

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