Tuesday, May 5, 2015

St. Thomas

Today was our first stop.  Everyone was pretty excited to get off the ship and explore the island.  We were scheduled to go on a snorkeling excursion on a pirate ship called the Doubloon.  It was crazy being on a monohull on the ocean with huge waves.  We would ride up and down waves sideways but it wasn't much concern to the crew.  The boys even got to help hoist the sails.  We finally arrived at Turtle Cove to do some snorkeling.  The views weren't as picturesque as some we've seen snorkeling but we still saw some fun things.  I was so shocked at how seamlessly the boys would go into the water and back up for their first snorkeling experience.  Cole was tired, and hungry and so he wouldn't even attempt it.  Our snorkel experience ended perfectly.  As we were watching a turtle that was on the ocean floor it made it's accent and surfaced right in front of us.  The boys swam with it for a little bit-- what a neat experience for them.
That night on our way to dinner we ran into Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates in the stairway. Such a cool experience to bump into someone like that. :)  After dinner and the show the boys wanted to go stand in line for a photo with one of their most favorite Disney characters, Stitch.  I had no idea they even really knew who he was but they boys all love him and were a little star struck when they were with him.  He started picking at Kade's hair like he was eating bugs.  They boys thought that was hilarious.

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