Friday, May 8, 2015

Castaway Cay

Castaway Cay, Disney's private island!  As you can imagine this island is beautiful and full of fun.  Darryl, Kade and Clint wanted to get another snorkeling trip in so they went out while Cole and I went to play in the water and sand.  They had some water cannons that he spent most of him time playing with.  Then we went to dance with Goofy, Mickey, and Minnie but Cole just stood there and watched them dance.  It was lunch time and he was not in any mood to dance.  After a great lunch we went to dig for whale teeth.  Darryl and the other boys met up with us there.  Their snorkeling adventure was fun but they best part was the boat ride back to the island because there were 4 dolphins that were jumping along next to the boat.  I was so jealous that they got to see that.  Back to the digging activity; The boys thought this was a pretty fun activity.  They were so proud when they would find a tooth.  Darryl took the older boys to go play on the slides and climbing participates so Cole and I went to play in the sand and water.  We found a little hermit crab and so Cole spent most of his time playing with the crab.  I'm sure the crab would have described it more like torture and not play time.  :-)  Cole loved to cover him up with sand and watch him emerge from the sand.  The last activity on the island for us was feeding the sting rays.  It was so great to see the boys wonder and thrill as they were interacting with these amazing creatures.  That is why I had to include so many pictures of the experience.  Their facial expressions were just so great in each of these photos.  They loved that they would just swim all around their legs.   Such a fun day.  Tonight for dinner we were at the Animators Palate again where they let everyone draw their own character and then later during the meal we watched a movie staring the characters we drew.  It was so fun to see something we created come to life.

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