Monday, May 4, 2015

Another Day at Sea

We spent a lot of time at the pools today and trying different activities.  The boys weren't really excited about the Kids Club.  They went for a while but would rather be swimming so they didn't spend a lot of time on in the club.  Clint did go to the Super Sloppy science where they played with liquid nitrogen which he said was AWESOME!  The kids club age max is 10 and so Kade felt like he was a little too old to be there so he didn't really want to go back.  They have a huge movie theater where they show all the Disney movies that are currently in theaters and newer releases and so today we watched Alexander's Bad Day.  It was a pretty cute movie and the boys loved going to a theater and getting popcorn.  Tonight for dinner we were at the Royal Court.  It is a room that is all about the princesses.  They have gorgeous mosaic walls for many of the princesses.  The detail on the walls were incredible.  There are a lot of mosaic walls on the ship-- they were definitely my favorite part of the ship.  

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