Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Boys' Wish Came True

 The boys have wanted to sleep with Kia ever since we got him but there was NO way I'd let the dog sleep in their beds so they were determined to get Kia on the trampoline with them for the night.  Kia was not interested-- at first.  They tried lifting him up on the tramp but he wouldn't have it.  I finally convinced them to leave him alone and just go to bed.  I thought they were sleeping but then I kept hearing noises outside.  When I went to investigate I found them all calling Kia's name trying to coax him onto the tramp.  They finally fell asleep and Kia jumped up and snuggled in for the night.  When they woke up they were SO excited to see him laying with them.  They spent the next 10 nights sleeping on the trampoline with Kia.  Once he understood the routine he became comfortable enough to jump up and get on with the boys. He jumps up and walks all the way around before he goes in through the opening in the netting.   Then he gets all excited and wants to play.  He squats down, spreads his legs out, and gets ready to pounce.  We thought is was so fun to play with him but we soon discovered the bouncing makes him throw up (on the tramp--yuck!) so we stopped playing with him.  I must admit though that it is pretty adorable to see them all snuggled in together.

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