Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Program

I'm so glad Brag Tags got us introduced to the Memorial Day Breakfast and Program.  I love it!  It isn't often that I really take the time to reflect on the freedoms I have living here or the people who do so much to protect those freedoms.  The program was great but I wasn't really thinking through going to the program.  I've really been wishing I could go hang out with my dad this last month and so it was a pretty rough program to get through for me.  I was still so glad we were there and it just really reminded us what today is about and not just a day to get started on yard work.  The first picture isn't the best but it is of the guys marching to do the 21 gun salute.  They had to hold it the program in the event center since it has been raining so much lately.  The bottom picture is Cole with his flags he got at the event.  He's marched around waving them and singing/mumbling some song all day-- pretty cute.

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