Thursday, July 18, 2013

Another Hiking Tag in the Bag!

Wendy and I took the kids on the Pine Creek Nature Trail.  We love that little hike.  It is a little over a mile and you cross bridges which makes it fun for the kids.  There is a little section that my kids have never gone on before that is just this huge area of boulders.  It's pretty bizarre.  It is like the boulders were misplaced.  They cover  probably the equivalent of a football field and there is nothing but tons of these huge boulders.  The kids loved climbing all over them.  We headed to the dairy to pick up our tag, you were actually suppose to do the Dutch Trail but it was so muddy and has more sun exposure so we substituted the Pine Creek trail.  My kids were ready for lunch-- hence them not cheesing it in the cheese wedge.  The Spencers were super cheesy! :)  Way to go guys!  Such a fun day.  I love being in the mountains!!!

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