Saturday, July 20, 2013

WaHoo! Jump On It!

We had to go pick up Darryl from the airport today.  He's been in Peru for a couple weeks and we were a little excited to finally have him back.  I thought it would be great to pass the time by taking the boys to Jump On It.  They loved it there the last time we went so when I saw discount passes I was quick to buy them.  Well we went but the fine print said we couldn't use them today. Grrr.  It turned out to be well worth the full price anyway.  There was only a couple other kids there so they let us stay as long as we wanted and they let the Kade and Clint play in the area that is only for 9 and older.  It has a climbing wall with a foam pit below and some large platforms that they can jump off into the pit from.  The boys had such a great time and before they knew it we had to leave for the airport!

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