Thursday, July 18, 2013

Swim Lessons!

Today was the last day of swim lessons.  Kade and Clint passed their level and are ready to move on.  Clint still needs to work on his form.  I was pretty shocked when his teacher said he needed some more work.  The kid swims all over all over with confidence.  When I asked him to swim from one end to the other I discovered what his teacher was talking about.  He gets to the other side easily, it just doesn't look pretty. :)  We'll work on that.  :)  They boys always hate for these two weeks to end.  They really love swim lessons and it is a big bonus that they get to swim afterward too.  However, this year they asked that if you were going to stay for a long time after that you pay for a day pass.  In years past the boys and I have stayed each day until around noon.  This year we picked one day to stay longer.  Cole was a trooper.  I thought for sure I would have a big struggle with him since he wouldn't get to get in since he wasn't signed up for lessons.  He was surprisingly good-- I'm sure the I-pod helped. :)  At one point he wanted his picture taken . . . those are some funny faces.

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