Saturday, July 20, 2013

We're celebrating!

We're celebrating!  It was Clint's 7th birthday yesterday but he wanted to wait until Darryl was back to celebrate the day.  We went out to eat at Charlie Chows on our way back from the airport and then when we got home we had cake!-- or should I say cookies!  Clint doesn't really like cake and so he asked me if I could make a giant chocolate chip cookie for his cake.  I made chocolate chip cookie dough and put it in two circle cake pans, similar to a cookie bar.  For the "icing" layer I melted some chocolate chips and added some milk and little coconut oil.  Clint designed the top with some chocolate chip cookies and some crumbs sprinkled around and voila!  We actually loved it!  I found these candles that have different color flames and had to get them for Clint.  He LOVES color.  Anything he colors he uses as many colors as he can so I knew he would think they were great-- and he did.

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