Saturday, July 20, 2013


Darryl was trying to empty out his suitcase but Cole had other plans.  He was filling it back up with . . . himself.  
He thought it looked like an inviting bed.  He climbed in and grabbed the alpaca wool throw Darryl brought back from Peru.  He nuzzled down in and then decided it would be better with his pillow.  He returned and was soon tucked in with his pillow and the throw again.  He only came out because Darryl started handing out some of the treasures he brought back for the boys.  He found some really fun blow dart guns that look pretty authentic and work quite well.  The boys were sticking the wooden darts, that look like a big sliver with a cotton ball on the end, into a cardboard box.  Cole loved the water song bird whistles.  He kept tipping his bird though spill his water.  He always looked so confused as to why he was getting soaked.

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