Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day

The boys received many treasures for Christmas this year.  First they got their metal shape bender. Cole got a airplane toy, a Spiderman race track, Clint got a new bike with gears, and Kade got a helicopter.  Kade and Clint got Turbo Spokes and Cole got legos.  Kade and Clint also got legos.  Kade got a Real Soccer watch from us and he was so happy.  He gave Darryl a huge hug.  Cole got a airplane that launches off a runway-- kind of like a dart gun.  He loved it so much.  The boys had a great time again going on a treasure hunt to find one of their gifts-- which was a little music box, each plays a different primary song.
We didn't go anywhere before or after Christmas day so we really had a nice laid back holiday break.  It was kind of nice to just be lazy and play with our new toys.

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