Saturday, December 7, 2013

The North Pole Express

The Heber Valley Railroad did a food drive train ride on the North Pole Express and we were excited to ride the train again this year-- mostly because Aunt Jackie, Grandma Bosshardt, and Grandpa Bosshardt joined us.  The boys were so excited to see Santa for the first time this year.  They were all ready to tell him what they hoped he'd leave for them this year.  Kade asked for a Turbo Spoke[he saw it in a magazine-- you attach it to your bike and it makes your bike change sounds].  Clint was trying to be tricky and told Santa he didn't care what he brought him.  He wanted a surprise but something he'd like-- "not a Barbie or girl things."  Cole kept saying another Christmas train.  That's what he got last year and so I think he doesn't understand that he'll get something different this year.  I think he just thinks that's what Christmas is-- a day where Santa leaves him a train under the tree.
While Santa was chatting with him he plopped down and sat with us and made himself at home by wrapping himself up with our blanket.  He was so great and we loved having such an intimate moment with him.

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