Monday, December 30, 2013

Small Town-- Snow Fun!

The boys had a great time playing with the Nances.  Cole enjoyed spinning doughnuts in the snow on the 4-wheeler with Austin-- he enjoyed anything with Austin.  They love each other and they are adorable together.  Grandma promised the boys she would take them sledding up on the hills on the west side of Aurora.  She bought a sled that had a hard plastic bottom and the boys sailed down the hill.  It got to the point where we wouldn't let them start at the very top because they were going uncontrollably fast.  They're boys though so they couldn't understand our concern.  It was fun!-- that is all that matters.  The boys got tiered of waiting for someone to bring a tube back up the hill so they just started sliding down on their bellies.  They looked like a bunch of penguins.  The hill was so icy and steep that they would zip down just like they would on a tube.  Grandma and I put a stop to that fun too. :(  They didn't have any cushioning so we were afraid they were going to crack their ribs on the bumps.  My favorite picture is the one of Cole and Austin on the hill side.  Austin wanted to sit down for a while and so Cole walked over, plopped next to him, and snuggled in.  They are the cutest little buddies.

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