Monday, December 23, 2013

Kade and Clint's personalities defined:

This story pegs Kade and Clint and their personalities to a T.
A couple days ago we delivered some honey to our neighbors for Christmas.  We don't know many of them but still wanted to take something to the nearest homes and maybe meet them.  Unfortunately many of them didn't answer so we just left them on the door step.  Well today I pulled into the driveway and when I got out of the car the man that lives directly across from us was walking up to my car.  I had just dropped the boys off somewhere so they weren't with me.  Anthony, our neighbor, said hello and I returned the greeting.  He then said, "Thank you so much for the honey the other day.  I just needed that.  I really needed that.  That day I just needed that so much. Thank you.  That was so nice of you.  I just really needed that."  I wished him a happy holidays and told him I was sorry we missed him when we delivered it.  He didn't seem to want to chat much and left with another, "Thank you."  It felt so good to know that a little bowl of honey meant so much to someone.  I was glad we were able to do something to help someone and was  touched by his gratitude.  When the boys got home I couldn't wait to tell them about my visit with Anthony.  I recited the story to them.  Kade said tenderly, "Wow, it was like the Spirit prompted us cause he was having a bad day.  Like he was so sad."  Clint piped in, "I just think he was out of honey and needed some."

{laugh some more}
Love these kids!

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