Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Potty Training. . . OVER!!!

Warning: The following story contains graphic content.

Well after a painful 2 week battle we have arrived at the diaper free zone of life.  Cole is quickly approaching 4 and so I was done with letting him just do it on his time.  That worked for Kade and Clint but Cole was having none of it.  I tried all the traditional approaches; prizes, treats, neat underwear, playing I-pod on the toilet, wearing underwear, getting rid of the diapers, going naked, etc.  Nothing was working.  Well today we found the button!!!!!!   We have been doing the going naked approach today.  It didn't start off well.  Cole after about an hour said to me, "Let's get my clothes on.  I'm jiggling all over the place!"  I didn't cave-- mean mom.  I just laughed.  The things that come from kids mouths!  A short while later he was playing the computer while I was showering.  He came upstairs just as I was getting out of the shower and we were just talking about random stuff.  I asked him if he needed to go potty and he said no he did.  My first thought was that he went in the toilet!! Wahoo!!  But then I thought there is no way I'm that lucky.  I asked him where, and he took me downstairs and showed me the computer chair with a pile of poop setting on it.  GRRRRRRR!!!  I was not happy!  I said, "Cole this is the second time you've gone potty while you're playing the computer[the first was when he was wearing underwear and he wet his pants about a week ago].  So no more computer until you always go potty in the toilet."  He looked at me with great concern, "No more electronics?"  I thought for a  moment, 'That sounds like a perfect idea.'  I didn't think it would necessarily work I was just wanting to give him a punishment for not going in the toilet.  So I replied, "Yes.  No electronics until you only go potty in toilets and not in your pants."  To Cole electronics consist of the computer and I-pods which are his favorite past times.  Well about 3 hours later Cole put himself on the toilet and peed.  About an hour after that he got himself out of the tub to sit on the toilet and poop.  I thought it surely was a fluke.  Oh no.  He was done.  No accidents ever.  He can hold it like there is no tomorrow but he makes sure he gets to the toilet whenever he's ready to let it go.  It's so nice too that he just knows so he gets himself on the toilet and then yells from there to let me know he's going.  The icing on the cake is that because he's older he understands wiping and is able to wipe himself when he pees.  Plus he can use the stool and wash his hands too.  Wow, I'm so glad we found his button! ;)

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