Saturday, December 21, 2013

Street Party 2013

Even though we moved off of 270 North they were still kind enough to invite us to come to the Street Christmas Party.  The Oylers hosted this year and they encouraged everyone to wear an ugly sweater.  We don't own any ugly Christmas sweaters so we made our own.  For mine I just wore a white sweater and pinned tinsel back and forth making a Christmas tree and then I put little tree decorations on it.  Darryl doesn't own a sweater so I decided he'd just have to wear one of mine.  We put a turtle neck under the sweater for extra flare.  He looked like Skiing Ken.  We topped his outfit off with an ascot.  If you've ever watched Toy Story 3 it is particularly funny because Barbie and Ken are on the movie and Ken always has an ascot and he loves to do wardrobe changes.  Everyone couldn't quit laughing at Darryl.  It was such a funny look.  Mike showed up with a red ladies jacket that had Christmas embellishments on it.  They took this sweet picture together.
As always the party was a ton of fun.  It's so great to take a time away from everyday run around to hang out with neighbors.

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