Monday, June 9, 2014

"Get Your Lem-on-ade!"

The boys have asked daily if they can do a lemonade stand.  It is never a convenient time nor do I really want them selling just lemonade (who gets excited about buying that?).  Well when they begged today I had a window of a few hours but I didn't know what they would sell besides lemonade.  We went with fresh lemonade and brownies; it was the only thing I  had all the ingredients for. :)  The brownies were a hit.  The best part is that the boys were out of brownies and lemonade in about an hour so the whole ordeal took about 2 hours!  They were SO happy!  They were quite the little salesmen.  When a car would pull over they would run up to the car before the person could get out and say, "Would you like a brownie or lemonade?"  Cole was typically the first to ask.  You could see each customer melt when he would ask and I think they ended up buying more than they planned or paying a little extra.  Those kids are too cute-- I'd tip them for their cuteness!

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