Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hut builders!

The boys have been going through a hut building phase.  They have spent hours and hours down at the dirt track building a hut.  This is actually their second hut.  I didn't get pictures of their first hut before someone tore it down and walked off with a lot of the wood.  They felt so bad that someone would do that but after a day of feeling bad they headed back to the "dirt track," as they call it, to build another hut.  They were disappointed with these two huts but they didn't have as many building supplies as before to build something as grand as the first hut.  
Everytime they would announce they were going to build on the hut at the dirt track I would smile all over.  It took my back to the days of when I was a kid and we'd spend the entire day at the empty lots in the neighborhood building huts, playing in the dirt, hunting for bugs, or playing baseball.  Watching them play in the field makes me feel like the simple life isn't completely gone.

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