Thursday, June 5, 2014

Track meet in Payson

Does it show that Clint loves running?  I'd say, yes!  Clint did really well at his meet again this week.  We took Craig Malan along with us to the meet in Payson.  They were both pretty happy with their kids meal prize.   Who doesn't love cat ears.  I loved that they both wore their ears proudly and innocently.  They are completely unaware of worrying about what others think and so it is refreshing to be reminded that it doesn't really matter what others think.
I don't think I've got these on here so I'm going to throw them in now. . .
Here were Clint's results at the Salem and Payson track meets:
Salem: Standing Jump, 58.5"; 4x100 1.27 min.
Payson: Standing Jump, 56"; 4x100 1.38 min.; 50 M 9.44 sec.; 100 M 18.63 sec.

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