Saturday, June 21, 2014


We took advantage of yet another free introduction class offered through the Brag Tag program!  Today it was a Karate lesson.  The boys have wanted to take karate but I haven't wanted to sign them up because all they really want to do is break boards.  In my speech I would always tell them that they would have to be in karate for years before they would get to the point to break boards.  Well I was proven wrong today!  Turns out that they can have a 20 minute lesson and then they break boards.  In fact she had Cole come up and be the first person to break one in the demonstration.  He was so impressed with himself.  I was really impressed with the program but I'm still hesitant to sign up for classes. A good friend did karate when she was young and she said it is extremely expensive.  I discovered that when they told us about the deal they had going for us if we signed up today.  It would only be $125/month.  Ummm that is insane!  I can't imagine doing that times 3.  We'll see if they want to pursue it.  We might end up biting the bullet one day.

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