Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Take flight!

I went to open the window in the work-out room and found a little friend on the ladder.  One of the little baby robins had flown down into the window well and was perched on the ladder.  He didn't move the whole time I worked out.  I also got to see mom come and feed him some worms while I was in there.  Throughout the day I kept checking and noticed he was still perched on the same rung.  I could see the other babies still in the nest so I started to worry that he really didn't fly out of the nest.  Last night we had very high speed winds and so I was worried he was blown out of the nest.  About 3 o'clock I thought I better move the bird from the window well because it is located on the west side of the house and with the hot sun starting to beat on that side of the house I thought the little bird would get baked.  I went into Superwoman mode and decided I needed to save this bird!  I set up a ladder near the bird nest much to mother birds dismay.  She flew all around and darted in at  me a few times.  I knew what I was doing had to be done so I kept going.  I climbed down into the window well and carefully scooped up the scared baby bird.  He tried to escape and was clearly distraught but I kept trying to reasure it that all was well. :)   The mother bird was getting really mad now and started swooping toward my head closer and closer.  I quickly climbed the ladder and placed the bird in the nest.  I wanted to get out of there as soon as I could so they could all calm down and so that hopefully the mother bird wouldn't full on attack me.  I took two steps down the ladder and the little bird flew out of the nest over to the flowerbed near the back fence.  Ugh!  All that was in vain!  Well I marched away and told that little bird that I wasn't going to help him any more. :)  I hope he isn't found by a predator before he finds a great new home.  
UPDATE: A few days later we noticed all the baby birds were gone from the nest and so we started watching for the mother bird.  She wasn't spending time at the nest anymore but we would see her flying with worms into the lilacs bushes, and the Harney's pine tree.  We found their new homes! So fun.

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