Thursday, June 12, 2014

Little Fish

The boys all did so well at swimming lessons this year.  I felt much more comfortable having Cole in the water without a lifejacket after watching him throughout his lessons.  Clint is very confident and swims well but didn't technically pass but his teacher said to put him in the next level next year anyway because he'll likely advance by himself.  I was ready to argue with how well he swims but I thought I better watch him and see if I could see what the instructor was talking about.  It was true he can swim but the reason he didn't pass was because his form isn't smooth.  The teacher was right.  He needed to work on making it look pretty-- but hey if it doesn't look pretty but you get all around without drowning what's wrong with that. ;)   Clint also set a time record for treading water!  Nice!  Kade did really well too.  Each day he'd ask for a few more minutes after lessons just so he could swim a few laps.  He loves it!
Kade passed level 4
Clint "passed" level 3
Cole passed Pre-level 2

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