Thursday, December 25, 2014

2014 Chritsmas Treasure Hunt

We did another treasure hunt for their big present.  They look forward to this every year so I don't know that we'll ever retire the tradition.  Darryl wrote a clever poem that gave them clues along the way.  He wrote it with the same style as the clues that are in one of our favorite movies, "Private Eyes."  Everything could rhyme but they use a different word or phrase right at the very end.  Funny.  With each piece of the poem they found an item that went with each phrase.  We wrapped the first clue and put it under the tree to start their journey.

Ok dear boys, the challenge has begun.
It's a quest, a journey, that's sure to be fun.
You will need to use your smarts to put it together,
but you are all bright so it won't take you. . . that much time.

(The guiding clue on the back: "Something red that dad sometimes "hits" in the mornings." Punching bag) There they found the next piece along with some play-dough sand.

On each step in the journey you will find a clue,
of what is going to be in store for you.
So pay careful attention to each clue along the way,
And you might figure it out before the end of the . . . afternoon.

(The guiding clue on the back: "Kade always takes this to school for important stuff." Kade's backpack)  There they found a captains hat.

A captain's hat, that is something to note
and where we are going you won't need a coat.
With a gift at each stop you will soon need a cart.
Do you smell that?  Whoa, did someone just. . .  toot?

(The guiding clue on the back:  "Where Cole puts his used clothes."  Laundry basket)  There they found a puzzle of Mickey Mouse and friends.

This gift is a clue, but that is not all
So be sure to keep your eye on the ball.
Once we have sailed there is no turning back,
So if you are thinking about boats yo're on the right . . . trail.

(The guiding clue on the back: "Where Clint sleeps." Clint's bed)   There they found and inflatable cruise ship.

During a journey at sea you will be well fed,
But be careful at the buffet tables if you want to fit in your bed.
While you are eating a buffet it is easy to eat too much,
Bye for now but rest assured, we will keep in . . . constant contact with each other.

(The guiding clue on the back: "It keeps your food very cold."  The freezer)  There they found an ornament of Mickey Mouse wearing a captain's hat.

So a ship and a mouse, have you figured it out?
There is just one more clue so don't start to doubt.
If Mickey falls overboard there is something to note,
He won't sink to the bottom because his ears will keep him. . . from sinking.

(The guiding clue on the back: "It plays music, but it is not the piano.  The organ.)  There they found an envelope with the cruise tickets.

We love you boys and are excited to tell you the news,
That we are all going on a 7 day Disney Caribbean Cruise!
We are just so excited and although we aren't leaving till May,
Remember we love you and we hope you have a Merry Christmas . . .time of year.

Kade and Clint were pretty excited but I think they were in shock.  I don't think it is real to them yet.  I don't think Cole has any idea of what a cruise really is so he just enjoyed himself playing with the inflatable ship.  At 9:00 am we received a phone call from Mickey Mouse saying how excited he was for us to join him on his ship.  (It is something you can arrange when you book a cruise with Disney)  The boys didn't quite know what to think about that.  "Did that just happen?  Did Mickey Mouse just call us?"  Such a fun morning.  Now we just have to wait for May! :) We would have done it earlier but there are definitely affordable times to go on a Disney Cruise and December is NOT one of them.

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