Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Time Fun

We met up with Wendy, Jackie, & Gary & Family to go see the Penguins of Madagascar at a theater in Salt Lake.  It was fun to see them all for a little while. We stopped in to Park City for the "Santa Comes Down The Town Lift" festivities. We weren't sure how much parking there would be near the lift so we parked at the Park City Ski Resort and then too the bus to the lift.  The boys thought riding the bus was a great little bonus to the adventure. I love that they appreciate little things like that. :)  I'm amazed that I had never heard of the event before this year because we've lived here for 9 years and it was AWESOME! They put reindeer cut outs on the sides of 8 chairs on the ski lift and then string lights from each pair back to a chair that has sled cut outs on it. Then they load it up with a jolly old St. Nick and start up the lift. You can see the lights of the "sleigh" coming down the hill which is a lot of fun. They served cookies, hot chocolate, and handed out Santa hats. The boys thought it was great. It would have been better if we were a little more warmly dressed. We did bring coats, gloves, and hats but we needed ski pants and sweaters to help out as well.  The other thing that made the night a little less than ideal was that we stepped off the cement side walk while we were watching onto the grass.  Apparently everyone in Park City that owns a dog(which is everyone in Park City) lets their dog use the bathroom where ever they are and they don't bother to pick it up.  Everyone in the crowd was complaining that it stunk and when we got to a lit up area we could see why; our shoes and pant hems we covered. :(  NOT happy!

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