Monday, December 22, 2014

Friend Christmas Party

Darryl and I were in the mood to have a little get together with some of our friends so we put together a little Christmas Party.  The guests included: Marshs, Spencers, Poriers, Harneys, Haddocks, Baums, and Ravens (I think I got them all).  As you can imagine we had a blast!  We had a yummy dinner and then we played a game of Christmas themed Family Feud.  And of course, what is a Christmas party without a white elephant gift exchange?  We had some classic gifts like, bacon flavored toothpaste-- yum :-{
Every time we get together with our friends I'm reminded how much I really love them.  They're awesome people and I love hanging out with them.  They make me laugh and just make me happy.  I'm so glad we took the time to put the party together and even though it is a crazy time of year.

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