Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Christmas Eve Full Of Anticipation

We had a very laid back Christmas Eve.  Usually we have something planned but this year it was pretty low key.  The boys spent most of the day playing the Xbox together-- great brotherly bonding moments.  I made dinner and we watched a Christmas movie downstairs while we ate[on blankets of course! :)].  Then the boys wanted to all sleep together so we pulled out the sleeping bags and they made themselves cozy in the family room.  But before they snuggled in they sat out some cookies they made with Grandma Brown and a note for Santa that, "The milk is in the fridge."  :)  Man I love these "magical" moments.  I'm going to be sad when they're all grown up and these moments are not the same.  I also had to take a picture of our snow, or lack of snow, in Heber.  We're suppose to finally get snow tonight but this is what December has looked like for us-- Pretty strange.

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