Friday, December 5, 2014

Ward Christmas Party

Tonight was pretty eventful.  When we got to the ward party we found out that the boys were in fact suppose to participate in the talent show and so Kade sang The First Noel A'Capella and Clint played a different version of the The First Noel from memory.  They both sounded amazing and we so excited to show their stuff. :)  We ate a fabulous dinner and then got to visit with the Jolly Santa Claus.  Kade asked for some insanely expensive items: Google glasses, and a Pitster (a little 4x4 Razor).  We'll have to chat about the kinds of things Santa brings. :)  They also did a little fund raiser to raise money for people in the ward for Christmas.  They did a silent auction for about 30 of these little Christmas trees that they had decorated with various themes.  The boys really wanted me to bid on one of the 2 BYU trees.  I entertained them by bidding but I bid low and so I thought surely someone would come in higher.  Well they did by a long shot on the other BYU tree but this one the bids were lower and so . . .we WON!-- as the boys would say.  I tried to explain that we didn't win as much as we bought but they weren't getting it.  Truth be told they just didn't care.  All they cared about was that the BYU tree was coming home with us.  We talked about taking it to someone that would really love it, someone who was less fortunate or was going through a hard time.  The boys were all on board but they asked so politely if we could just have it in our house for one Christmas.  I could see how much it meant to them and it melted my heart a little so I decided it was worth keeping for them.

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