Monday, February 2, 2015

Body Worlds and The Leonardo

Darryl had some friends, Dan and Diana, who were in town preparing for a retreat they were going to be holding this month.  He invited them to stay at our place until the retreat.  Dan happened upon free tickets to the Body Worlds exhibit and offered us some.  Darryl and I have seen the exhibit a couple times but we thought it might be interesting to take the boys.  They were pretty fascinated and grossed out all at the same time.  It was so amazing to them to realize what is going on under their skin.  We walked through the exhibit rather quickly just because the boys weren't really interested in readying any of the information.  They discovered a lot and talked about how great it was to go for days.  After we finished waling through the exhibit we went upstairs in The Leonardo where they have a kids discovery museum.  They went into the science room and were so excited by the transistor with the electric current buzzing up and down the wires.  They also loved the science experiment they did with the worker there where they took two chemical compounds and make two different compound which resulted in gummy worms-- such an awesome experience for them.  They were especially excited about this because they were pretty familiar with the elements the lady talked about.  They have had many discussions lately with Darryl about sodium chloride and dihydrogen monoxide.  The discussions mainly started because Darryl often uses the "NaCl Man" for his screen name when he plays games.  So when the lady said she was going to take sodium alginate and add it to calcium chloride. The boys were all excited to talk about sodium and calcium.  They were even more excited when after the chemical reaction they had "gummy worms" (calcium alginate), and sodium chloride, NaCl!  They also had a great time messing around with the green screen as you can see in the photos below.

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