Thursday, February 12, 2015

Happy Birthday to Kade!

We had an early birthday dinner for Kade.  Kade requested we go somewhere that would sing to him on his birthday.  After polling everyone on Facebook, we found that Don Pedros would definitely sing and so that became our destination.  There was only one night this week that we could go out to eat so we celebrated a few days early at Don Pedros.  Kade loved the song and the tiny sombrero he got to wear.  Kade also got a special treat because Wendy was in Park City at some conferences so she made the trip over to Heber to go to dinner with us.  It's always fun when Aunt Wendy comes!

Darryl and Kade hit the slopes at Park City Mtn. Resort this morning to celebrate Kade's birthday.  By the afternoon they were wore and so they came home for lunch and then Kade went to school.  Kade fell pretty hard and so it took some of the fun out of it but after a few days he was talking about going snowboarding again.  Hard to believe I've got a 10 year old.  Happy Birthday to my awesome buddy!  This year Kade started voice lessons(which he loves), improved immensely on his repeating back-handsprings, and decided he likes football.  He has always wanted nothing to do with football because he didn't want to get tackled.  This year he has been playing football at recess with a group of guys in his class. He says he's pretty good at it and likes it.  He may be giving up his soccer shoes for football cleats.  Kade auditioned for his first musical and got the leading boy role.  We were a little surprised he got the role because he's done theater before but not surprised based on his ability.  He rocked the audition.  He sang perfectly and was full of energy--  kind of a shoe-in. Though I was worried he'd stress out about having practices so often and for so long my worries were soon resolved when he would run out of rehearsal, jump in the car, and tell me all the fun stories of rehearsal.  Kade has finally gotten a little more "at home" with the friend situation on this side of town.  He enjoys playing with the Spencer Ailshie, Allen Butterfield, and Zack Woodland.  I'm just excited that he seems to be settling in to the new area more this year.
Kade was excited to share his cake with the Nance cousins.  They came to Heber for a Redmond activity on Friday night so the boys got to hang out and have pizza, and cake-- epic! :)
Kade's stats this year are:
Height: 51"
Weight: 61 lb.
We gave him a chemistry set and his much hoped for lava lamp.  The grandparents gave him money which was exactly what he was hoping they would give him.  He had big plans!  He wanted to go buy an airsoft gun.  Darryl and I had been a little opposed to him having one just because we've seen damage done to our and neighbors fences from the guns.  We learned a little more about them and found out there are varying FSP (feet per second) on each gun.  This made us much more open to him having one as long as it isn't the most powerful gun out there. ;)  He spent the money as soon as we could get to the store.  He bought a pack that came with 2 guns and some extra ammo-- such a bargain shopper.  :)

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