Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Story time

This is a bird's eye view of a story time at the library.  We're not in the photo but we were there as we are almost every week.  It is hard to believe that for the past 5+ years we have been going to laugh and learn with Ms. Sally every Wednesday morning.  I started going with Kade and Clint and now we've just been trudging in with Cole.  We often take Alex Spencer with us too since we watch him while Wendy works on Wednesday mornings.  They sing songs, do actions, read a story, do silly things(like get dressed wrong), and talk about letters.  Unfortunately Cole has hit the age where story time isn't as great as it use to be.  I think it is because he is going to school now and so it is just a little too much to do story time and school so he has lost his desire to go. :*(  It is hard to think that we're passed this phase of life.

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