Saturday, February 7, 2015

Just Chillin' Gym Meet

Kade and I ran up to the Utah Olympic Oval arena this afternoon for his gym meet.  When we got there they had run Kade's double-mini group early so we had a little moment of panic but they ran him through the next group and it all worked out.  He ended up taking 1st in Double Mini, and Trampoline and 2nd on Floor.  The best part of the meet was when he was on trampoline he did his routine and then just kept doing tricks.  He realized it suddenly so he stopped, saluted, looked at the judges and said, "I don't know what I was doing!"  The judges were laughing pretty hard, one of the judges is one of his coaches and so she really laughed because she knows what a crackup Kade can be.  The funny didn't stop there.  During the awards when they announced Kade in 1st place he marched up onto the podium and looked at the announcer totally puzzled and during his salute he held his arms open saying, "What?  I messed up BIG TIME. What?  How did I get 1st. I totally messed up."  The judges used his ending and just judged his pass not all the extra he did and his score was more than the other boy so he took 1st.  Pretty funny.  I just felt bad for the other kid because I thought that sure would be awful to have someone say they messed up and they did better than you.

He competed level 6 on Double Mini and scored 27.3, 27.1; 54.4
level 6 on Trampoline but I don't know what his score was :(  I think it was like 27
level 5 on Floor 28.1, 27.1; 55.2

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