Friday, February 27, 2015

Wax Museum

Today the 3rd grade did their wax museum of their meshed together animals.  They are studying biomes and so they had to pick 3 animals to piece together that could live in their biome.  Clint's biome was the Savanna.  He picked the head of a grasshopper, the body of a giraffe, and the tail of a kangaroo.  He called his animal a Hoppeoo.  He worked on his poster and had it finished about a month in advance and if it were up to Clint we would have had his costume made that early too.  We finished his costume well in advance but Clint just likes to get going on projects. Unfortunately we were in Florida when they did the Wax Museum so Beci went and listened to the hoppeoo talk about himself since she was tending the boys while we were gone.  She took some great pictures but I'm not sure how great her baby, Austin, thought they were-- he looks a little concerned.  Way to be an awesome student Clint!  You did an excellent job! SO proud!

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