Saturday, May 3, 2014

2014 Chess Tournament

 A trophy!!!  Clint what so ecstatic when they announced he'd taken 3rd in the K-2 division.  He knew he would get a trophy because all the lower awards that received medals had been handed out.  Way to go buddy!  I was so surprised he did so well given that we forgot all about the tournament.  I had all the boys in the car with me and we were out dropping off books in the library drop box, picking up some milk, etc. when Clint's teacher, also the chess coach, called and said, "Isn't Clint coming to the tournament?"  Aaaaaahhh!!!  I had totally forgot.  It was almost starting so I drove straight to the school.  Kade, Clint, and Cole looked like orphans based on the attire they were sporting all day at the school; holey pants, small shirts, and pajamas.  I kept thinking I'd run home and get them clothes but there was never enough time between Clint's matches to go.  Oh well we may have look unkempt but we were unkempt with a trophy!  Ha ha!  Nice job Clint!!!!  Cole was proud of himself too I guess so he had to get in on the picture.  He was a pretty good kid hanging out at the school all day so I guess that is worth an award and photo opportunity.

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