Wednesday, May 7, 2014


We wanted to go on a cruise and our friends did too.  Since they've never been on a cruise before Darryl was super excited to motivate them to go so they could see how great it is.  What a cruise this has been.  Truthfully it really didn't matter where we went.  We were just happy to have a vacation and hang out with Chris and Becky.  This picture was taken on Catalina Island.  We rented a golf cart and drove around the island just seeing what we could see.   Unfortunately, the weather has been pretty cold so we never felt like swimming in the ocean.  The cruise line or the boat-- not sure what to blame it on but it wasn't our favorite.  The shows; magicians, comedians, and dancers, just weren't as great as those that we've seen on other cruises.  These were all crude and the dancing just wasn't as impressive. But like we said, it was just fun to be on the cruise and see some fun places.

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