Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Track season 2014

Clint loved track this year.  He and Kade both did it last year and enjoyed it but Kade liked it a little more.  Well when it was time to sign up for track this year Kade was feeling overbooked and didn't want to commit to anymore activities so he sat this season out.  I was surprised when Clint said he still wanted to do it.  Last year he enjoyed himself but didn't take it seriously.  This year was a new year and Clint had a completely different year.  Though he did okay at times last year he really was just running and such to only enjoy himself.  This year he put it all out there for each race and jump and then wanted to know what he could do so that he could go faster and jump farther next time.  He did great in his running events and in the standing long jump he often jumped farther than the older kids.  He really enjoyed every minute of track.  So proud of all your hard work Clint!

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