Thursday, May 8, 2014


Ensenada, our last stop on the cruise and we were all a little depressed because we knew it was all ending and we were going to be dumped back into reality the next day.  This was a little resort we went to.  It was so funny because when we got there it was like a ghost town.  We were so confused.  The hot tubs were freezing and the air temperature wasn't great so we didn't want to get in the ocean.  We found some lounge chairs and basked in the sun for a while.  They also had a museum about local history that we toured while we wandered.  Eventually they turned on the hot tubs and so it didn't take long before this picture had the four of us in it.  It was a beautiful scene but still odd to be the only people around.  We later found out that it was the off season and so they didn't have things up and going because there aren't many people using the resort right now.  Oops. ;)

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