Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Welcome to Utah Rita's!!!

What a great night!  The Lego movie was showing at the movie theater where we get in free with our Pass of All Passes.  The boys have been wanting to see it so badly so we decided to make the trip.  It was a pretty fun show but the only way the night could get better is a stop at Rita's!  Rita's is a place that sells custard and slushies but they are like no other.  Darryl was introduced to them on the mission and has loved them ever since.  They are referred to as celestial slurpees-- so yummy!  We were so excited when we heard they opened one in Utah.  The boys were big fans as well.  All the fun wore them out and Kade and Clint being the cute brothers they are fell asleep on each other.  So sweet.

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