Monday, May 19, 2014

Clint's Piano Recital

Today was Clint's last piano recital as a student of Beth Taylor's.  She decided to retire and not teach piano anymore. We were so sad.  She was such a sweet lady and Clint seemed to do so well with her.  He's excited to continue with a new teach but sad that he won't see Beth every week.  As far as the recital went, Clint played his songs perfectly and everyone was very impressed with his abilities and expression.  He really is a natural.    I'm excited to see how far he is able to go with his talent.  The best part of the recital happened while Clint was playing Jazzy, one of his most favorite songs.  There is a part that sounds like it is the end of the song so some people started clapping.  Clint turned and announced, "It's not over."  Everyone got a good laugh out of that.
 [Side note:  It has been about 9 months since this recital and Clint still asks if he can go to Beth's house and play songs for her.  I haven't let him yet just because I don't want to bother her but I think we will stop in sometime soon and share a song or two with her.]

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