Thursday, May 29, 2014

Awesome Brag Tag!--Tennis

I couldn't be happier about the Brag Tagging we've done this year!  The Memorial Day program was the first tag they received when they had to talk to a Veteran after the program.  Such a great experience; nothing profound was said but I think the interaction was so important to all involved.  Then today we picked up our second tag at a free introduction tennis clinic.  I loved that my kids could try tennis and get some instruction before we commit to signing up for lessons.  Kade and Clint left begging to sign up for lessons.  Unfortunately the didn't have lessons that would fit our schedule right now but we are keeping our eyes open for an opportunity.  Such a win-win!  The kids get to try tennis for free and the tennis program ends up recruiting students that likely wouldn't have signed up because they didn't know how much they'd enjoy because they simply never had the chance to really try it. Yay for Win-Wins!

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