Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cake Decorators!

Here are my little cake decorators.  Kade and Clint signed up for a 4H summer workshop for cake decorating.  The got to go to Days Market's bakery, learn about decorating cakes and practice what they had learned on their own cake.  They both did an awesome job and attempted to eat their cakes when they got home.  Clint ate some of the frosting and then asked if we could freeze it.  Kade scrapped off the frosting and ate a few bites of the cake and then wanted to throw it away.  I scooped the icing into my cake decorating bag and let Cole redecorate the cake.  He wasn't old enough to sign up for the workshop so he was thrilled that he still got to decorate a cake.  When they were finished with the cake mess we went to pick up the cake decorator brag tag.  Getting a brag tag was just the icing on the cake! (Sorry I couldn't resist that one.)

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