Friday, July 17, 2015

Get Your Brownies and Lemonade!

Though these stands are a little of a pain to get set up it is just so adorable to see these little business men at work.   The boys had some great friendly customers that made them smile.  Konnie and Kim came and bought a bunch of brownies for the office and for friends.  The large orders blew the boys away with amazement.  Another customer that amazed them was a construction worker that had been working on the new subdivision across the street.  He came over and got a brownie and a lemonade, gave them a $10 bill, told them the change was theirs, jumped in his truck and took off before I even saw how much he'd handed them.  Cole liked the fact that the guy said the change was for them but I don't think he understood how much that was.  Kade figured it out pretty quickly and was pretty impressed that the guy did that.  It's so neat to see how happy it makes people to make little kids happy.

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