Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Little Crooked

I wish I would have taken a picture of this but it's too late now-- I guess that's a good thing that it's fixed!
So Kade wanted to do a football clinic this summer.  I was a little excited for him to do it since he's really got an itch for football right now because his friends all play it.  I was hoping the clinic would teach him things he needed to know to be able to play well with his friends and I was also hoping it would help him to really know if it was something he wanted to do.  Well it started out great for the first few minutes because he ran into an old friend from our old neighborhood, but it quickly headed south.  This old friend of his actually practices with the high school football team and has done so for the past 2 years.  It may be obvious, but that kid is amazing.  Well the reason the experience went south for Kade was because he was comparing himself to this kid.  He wasn't looking around to see that most of the kids there were about at the same level as himself.  It was okay though Kade had just started questioning if he was really wanting to play this fall or not.  Well the final day of the clinic sealed the decision for him.  They were learning about tackling, at least we think that is when it happened, and Kade ended up crooked.  His head was just tilted to the side.  He didn't mention it until later that night and he just said his neck hurt.  I figured he must have pulled a muscle and so I massaged it and put some muscle relaxer ointment on his neck and told him it just needed time to loosen up.  Well for the next few days he stretched it and I massaged it and his head still sat sideways.  I wasn't until I was watching him, and I knew his mind was lost in what he was doing so he wouldn't intentionally be holding his head side ways if he could prevent it but he didn't move it.  I called the chiropractor and scheduled an appointment for the next day.  We were at the park playing and guess who happened to show up at the park????  The chiropractor.  He was blown away by Kade.  He was pretty anxious to get working on him but didn't want to mess with him at the park.  The appointment time arrived and Kade was so worried that the chiropractor would do something that would leave him paralyzed.  It took a lot of talking to try to convince him and I still think he wasn't convinced but was at least willing to go.  The chiropractor cranked on him for a while and then said he needed to have the massage therapist work on him for a while and then he'd come do some more. Kade was pretty fascinated when his back and neck would crack or when they would check the strength differences in his limbs.  Kade had never had a massage so his responses were hilarious!  She started working on him and he slurred out, "Ok.  I'm just going to take a nap now."  He's had a cough lately so at one point he told her he interrupted her massage and told her he needed to cough.  She steps back and he perks up to a sitting position and only clears his throat, lays back down and says, "Work your magic."  She lost it and so did I.  What a kid!
The chiropractor helped a little but he wanted his body to settle a little and work on him again in 2 days.  After the second appointment Kade was aligned again.  Phew.  That was a little scary.

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