Friday, July 17, 2015


This is what the kitchen looks like when you have brownies all mixed up, the oven preheated, and you can't get into the oven drawer to get a pan out to cook the brownies!  As you may have spotted in the photo this was actually taken after I was finally successful in getting the drawer open since the brownies batter is in the pan on the counter.  It didn't occur to me to take the picture until I was cleaning up.  This actually after I had put away a few items and reattached the oven door so the room was even more disheveled than the picture shows.
I was happy that I was getting a jump on making the brownies during the cool time of the morning.  Well that came to an abrupt halt when I discovered a cooling rack was lodged in the oven drawer preventing it from opening.  As you can see I tried many various items to dislodge the cooling rack.  After 2 hours of trying different ways, then trying them again, and taking off the oven door.  I was only successful when I started sliding and shoving all of the pans inside the draw around and shaking the drawer wildly in hopes it would help somehow.  My frustration paid off because I'm sure it caused me to shake the drawer a little harder.  The cooling rack fell down and I was able to open the door.  Then I had to put the door back on-- thanks to YouTube that became a lot easier.  I tried and tried to reattach it but figured there was a trick I was missing.  Then had the thought to look for a how-to video on YouTube and sure enough there was one that walked me right through it.  Once the oven door was on it was preheating the oven, pouring the batter into the pan and then cleaning up and putting away the mess I made.  All this for a pan of brownies. . . and what were they for????  Because Cole and Kade wanted to have a lemonade stand with brownies today.  In the next post you'll see how cute they were-- it was worth it.

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