Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Deer Hit Me!

We had a fun day at 7 Peaks with the Grobs today.  They were on their way to the airport to pick up Brittany from her European trip at 9 PM, so they figured they might as well stop and play a little along the way.  After we'd had all our swimming fun, and the clouds had moved in, we headed for Heber and took the Grobs youngest three, Anthony, Davie, and Kirby with us.  The others would go to the airport and then to Heber for the night.  We were driving on 900 E in Provo in BYU territory, less than 2 miles from 7 peaks, when I noticed a brown blur in my side mirror and her a very loud thud.  The kids in the back were so shocked by what had happened.  A few of them didn't see a thing they just heard the hit, and the other few saw just a figure ram into our van.  We were on a road that has at least 5 lanes so there were cars staggered all around us so none of us saw anything coming.  Putting all the pieces together I figured out a deer had jumped into the driver side rear-end of the van.  I pulled over expecting to see a huge dent or cracked window but only found a few hairs in the side window and come blood running down the back window.  We looked for the deer but he was no where to be found.  What a crazy experience!

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