Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Oh Park City Fun!

We love going to The Canyons on Wednesdays during the summer to ride the cabriolet and meander through the farmers market.  Today had a fun twist to it though.  We met up with the Spencers who had the Clydes with them.  Oh the looks we got--so entertaining!  Two women with nine kids in Park City-- what a sight!  We let the kids get a slurpee at the 7-11 that is next to the farmers market.  There was a couple in 7-11 that clearly couldn't get over the dynamics of our group.  The gentleman couldn't hold back and finally said to us, "We would have thought you were sister-wives if it wasn't so obvious that you are sisters."  We laughed and said, "We're actually not sisters, or sister-wives!"  You could tell he had a hard time believing that and just shook his head at us as we walked away with our 9 little ducklings.  So if you're looking for some good clean fun, just take a large group of kids to Park City and do some people watching.  

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