Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Building a Pool Table

I never knew what really went into setting up a pool table.  I'm willing to bet that most people haven't the slightest idea either.  Our friend Chris and his dad Kavin happen to have a little bit of an obsession with pool tables.  They buy them and sell them and kind of ;-) collect them.  Chris ended up with a really nice slate one for free because it was missing a piece.  He gave it to us and told Darryl he'd help him build the missing piece in his dad's wood-shop.  All the building aside and it still was a huge process to get this table ready.  They had to set up the legs and let them settle for a few days.  Then they had to level the slate and let it set.  Then they filled in the gaps because the slate is in 3 pieces other wise it would be so heavy you couldn't move it and I would think it would break.  After they built it up and filled in the cracks then they had to let it set for days again.  Then they stretched the felt and stapled it on. Which is what they're doing in the photo.  Its the only picture I took of the whole process and it only happened because it looked like Chis was just laying around while everyone else worked.  He had been holding the felt but then just stayed there and had put his hand behind his head so I had to send it to his wife Becky to show her how hard he was working while he wasn't home.  After the got the felt on the table we still had to get the felt on the edges and attach those along with the pockets.  It's safe to say the pool table will stay with the house if we ever move.
It took about another week to be all put together but here is a photo of the finished table.

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