Friday, July 10, 2015

A Weekend At Fish Lake

We took a little trip to Fish Lake with Grandma Brown this weekend.  We were going down to see her but she said she'd be in Fish Lake so we thought we better go camp with her then.  She was up camping with Uncle Ross, Aunt Kaye, Uncle Buzz, and Aunt Bonnie in the Mackinaw Campground.  They left the day we got up there but it was fun to see them for a little while.  It has been a little rainy and cold but it was still great to be back at Fish Lake-- one of my most favorite places on Earth.  Of course Fish Lake with Uncle Buzz wouldn't be the same if he didn't have his camera out snapping pictures of everyone.  The first three photos are a few of the pictures he took while we were there with him.
Since we were going to be camping all weekend and it was suppose to be raining in Heber we thought we might as well take Kia along-- Kia freaks out when it rains.  He gets super scared and so we put him in his cage in the laundry room or the garage.  If we're not home he'll dig under the fence and run away.  It turned out to be a great trip.  I was worried about the ride in the car but he just hung out in his cage and seemed just fine.  When we got to Fish Lake we just left him tied up to the trailer and he had a great time smelling the whole area.  I was nervous when we got there though because there were two unleashed dogs in the neighboring campsite and the didn't seem too keen about any of us and so I thought for sure they'd wander over and cause problems with Kia but when they started wandering close we would just bring Kia into the trailer for a little while.  Kia's favorite part was chasing the little chipmunks, squirrels, pot guts, etc.  He would bound over the sage brush chasing them.  It was so fun to watch.  

 Buzz, Jodi, Maddi, Payton, and Kylee came up for the day on Saturday and hung out with us.  We went for a walk down to the lodge, played some games, and ate dinner.  After they left the boys and I walked down to fish along the shore.  The boys ran ahead on the trail and when I came over the berm I found Cole with his drawers dropped for all the boaters to see him watering the lake.  I quickly instructed him that he should go behind a bush, tree, or rock to do that.  On with the fishing!  Kade and Clint were all set up and had their poles in the water.  I walked along the shore line a little ways to find a great spot for Cole to fish from.  The clouds became rain clouds in a matter of seconds and so we decided we should pack up and head back to the trailer before it became the downpour it was looking to be.   Cole had been skipping rocks next to Kade and Clint but he wasn't there so I immediately felt panic set in and I shouted for him.  He responded in a quiet calm voice, "I'm over here, and I need to go number two."  His voice sounded close to me but I couldn't see him, but replied that we were only about 40 yards from the trailer so we'd hurry back.   That is when I stepped around the big rock that was next to me and found Cole in a squatted position.  Ugh!  I quickly informed him that we didn't have any toilet paper and so he needed to pull up his pants and I'd run him up to the trailer.  He seemed confused and I was trying to rush to clear up his confusion so he could make it to the trailer's toilet.   Then suddenly I realized why he wasn't moving and why he was questioning my commands.  "Did you already go?" I asked.  His reply was classic, "Yep! I moved a rock so I can cover it up and everything!"  Nice.  I was looking at the ground underneath him but it wasn't until that moment that I could really see what I didn't want to see.  My mind was playing tricks on me and I couldn't even see anything before that moment.  Well there was nothing else to do at that point except find the broadest leaves I could.  "You're going to wipe me with a leaf?!."  Halfway laughing I said, "Well I don't have anything else here."  By this time we're in a total down pour.  Ah, fun memories.  We wiped, replaced the rock and ran for the trailer.  Oh the fishing story we had to tell after that; it didn't involve any fish but boy was it a great story.  Such a great trip!

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