Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Go Fish

It was the final day for Fishing Club and so they finished their day of fishing with a fish fry and awards.  Kade, Clint and Cole all received a participation certificate and a 100% attendance certificate with an attached pack of starbursts.  Cole and Clint got a little extra award for the Most Improved and received a poster of all the Utah fish.  Kade was pretty disappointed because he has a hard time not winning.  It was a good season for them all though.  They each had a day where they would catch a fish almost as soon as their worm hit the water, and  they each had a couple days where they just couldn't catch a thing.  That's how fishing goes.  They all had a different group leader but all of them were wonderful.  It is so awesome to me that someone would be willing to take the time to help little kids learn to fish.  Such an awesome program!

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