Saturday, July 4, 2015

Neighborhood Celebration

We went over to the Serre's this evening for some neighborhood fun.  We had a potluck BBQ, volleyball, bounce water slide, face painting, and fireworks.  We thought it would be fun to also throw in the candy cannon and it was a definite hit.  That group of neighbors had never seen the candy cannon before and they were fascinated by it.  Darryl was in Scotland so he didn't get to go with us; we missed him.  When it was time for fireworks everyone pooled all their stuff together and so we had quite the show.  This year was loaded with amazing firework shows.  There were three more groups in our neighborhood area that had big firework shows, plus there were a few people in the neighboring subdivisions that had awesome shows too.  We often didn't know which way to look.  There were awesome fireworks everywhere!

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